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Our Doggies
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Monday, February 15, 2010

What Makes a Friend..."True"?

When asked the question, "Would you rather have many friends that are skin-deep or a few friends that are 'true', what would you choose?" I would always go with a few true. But I also feel like I have a combination of the two, which is a constant struggle. The struggle is in figuring out which are skin-deep and which are true. I've told a lot of people that getting engaged last May was really telling with regards to who your true friends are.


You know you're "true" if...
1. When your friend gets engaged, no matter your situation in life, you are TRULY happy for her. You have no feelings of jealousy, but simply relish in the fact that your friend is happy.
2. You can go months without talking or seeing one another and not take it personally.
3. You can go months without talking or seeing one another and when you finally talk/see, you pick right back up where you left off.
4. You don't get jealous when your friend goes out with another friend and you didn't get invited. You understand that one-on-one time is necessary to develop any friendship and are happy that both friends are taking time for one another. You know your time is next.
5. You understand that it's ok to compartmentalize friendships. Yes, it's also ok to have all your friends hang out, but sometimes you need to spend time with "certain groups". Meshing of groups is fabulous, but it's also completely ok to compartmentalize.
6. When you have an issue/problem with a friend, you do not handle the issue through email, text, Facebook. You TALK to your friend directly, and not through other friends. Too much he-said/she-said.

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  1. a good friend will come post bail when you need them too. a true friend will be in jail with you saying "dang that was fun!"