Our Doggies

Our Doggies
Louis in the back and Ella in the front

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Why call my blog "Precious"?
Because it's one of the most used adjectives in the South (from my experience). And...I find myself saying it ALL THE TIME. Cute picture of friend's child="Precious"! A student said something that made me giggle="Precious"! A husband/boyfriend of good friend does something sweeth for said friend="Precious"! Get the point?

Things that are precious to me:
My husband
My family - too many to individually name, but I can if I need to.
My friends (and their families) - only the ones who are true.
My education
My home
My car
My puppies - Ella and Louis
My students
My pictures
My memories
...to be continued

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