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Our Doggies
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Bucket List

A few years ago, Pat and I watched the movie The Bucket List. He then decided that he wanted to run a marathon before he died. So, I thought I'd train with him. Except, that only led to me running a dozen or so 5Ks. I'm getting from that, that was not a realistic drop in the bucket. So, here's my "real" bucket list (and the reasons for each entry):
1. Read the top 10 Classics - I don't even really know what they are, but I love to read and want to be well read.
2. Watch all the movies people constantly quote - I don't like it when people say, "What do you mean you haven't seen that movie?"...kinda makes me feel like I'm uneducated.
3. Go to Spain - Something I've wanted to do since I began taking Spanish in high school. I'm nowhere near mastery of the language, but I want to see La Tomatina, and the running of the bulls. Plus I'd like to take a million pictures of the landscape and culture.
4. Get a degree in photography - I am a self-proclaimed photographer but have only ever taken 1 class. Although it was greatly helpful, I want to learn more. It's not that I necessarily want photography to be my profession, but I would like to be able to do something with it.
5. Publish 3 books; a children's book, a coffee-table photography book, and a novel - I love to write, and feel like I have some really good stories somewhere inside of me. I also think I'm good at writing rhyming couplets---which would be the children's book. The coffee-table book will be a collection of photographs of North Carolina's old barns/buildings that are completely worn down. Along with the photographs will be the history and location of each building.
6. Learn to love vegetables - I am a "vegetarian" who hates vegetables. Well, that's not completely true. I love corn and peas and lettuce and tomatoes and potatoes and carrots. Anything else, YUCK! I want to learn to love broccoli, asparagus, squash, zucchini, spinach (and that will be a milestone b/c I would rather shoot off my foot than eat spinach)...etc.
7. Start completely over in a new state - I've done this before, so this probably shouldn't be on my Bucket List. However, I created an amazing life for myself when I left MI for NC. Now that I'm married, I'd love to pick up (with my husband) and both start somewhere new together. We've talked about it and have a general idea of where that would be...
8. Celebrate a 50th (wedding) Anniversary - This means I will defy divorce. I will do whatever I can to stay with my husband, whatever I can. I want to be one of the few who stay married through thick and thin. I want to love him more than I ever thought possible, especially when I am 80 years old.
9. Get my doctorate in education...or curriculum - I am the kind of person who can't sit still...even to watch a movie. I have to constantly be doing something. This pertains to my career, too. Once I grow comfortable in what I do...I feel the urge to do something more/new. I have a feeling that within the next 10 years that will mean getting my doctorate. With my doctorate, I would like to become an assistant superintendent of curriculum/instruction...or teach at a University.
10. Learn to ski or snowboard - Some friends and I tried this a few years back but chickened out. If I move to my new location (see #7), I'd have to know how to ski or snowboard because it would be a waste of location not to. I'm terrified of heights also, and had a bad experience on a tow rope in 5th grade...so this will help me overcome my fears/past.

MORE TO COME??? As I complete something on my list hopefully I will update it with something new. I guess #8 will be on here until I'm 80. :)


  1. if #9 holds up (you can't sit still long enough to watch a movie) then you don't have much of a chance with #2 (watch all the movies people quote). Now that's painful sarcasm.

    and you mean you've never seen that flick? you know, the one with that guy who does that thing? it was hysterical. you have got to see it. actually i would start with the 40 yr old virgin and office space. those get quoted more often than anything else. then add when harry met sally. just because every chick should know every line of that flick by heart. i do.

  2. i've actually seen all 3 of those movies! any other flick advice?