Our Doggies

Our Doggies
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Monday, June 21, 2010

To Half or Not?

I've always admired runners.
Real runners.
The ones who run in gear that looks to be less than a bikini.
The ones who run races in 1/5 of the time I could.

So, as many of my friends know, I started running a little over 2 years ago. I've done probably around 20 or so 5Ks. I've done a couple 4 milers and an 8K. I also ran the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K this year. Well, jogged. It's kind of hard to "run" with 30,000 other people. The 10K is the furthest I have actually run.

When I work out, I typically run a 5K. Sometimes I'll get to 3.5 or even 4.5 depending on my energy level. I have a hard time running further than that because of boredom. Especially on the treadmill. I don't get bored running outside, however, this 95 degree heat forces me to run in the gym rather than the neighborhood.

I have a dream that I'd like to run a "Half" (half-marathon) at some point in my life. I would say "Full", but 26.2 miles sounds like torture. 13.1 sounds like torture, too, but a little less torturous than a "Full". So here are the pros and cons. I'll let you decide.

It would be a major accomplishment for this "non-runner"
I could say I ran a "Half" marathon
It would be something I would have to work really hard for

My knees start hurting at about 5.5 miles
I might get bored after 4 miles
Sometimes running makes me chafe

I'm sure there are more Pros and Cons. What do you think? Any suggestions? Any ideas of good "Halfs"? It'd be fun if it were somewhere I'd have to travel to do it. Also, those of you who have run a "Half", are there typically "slow" runners there? I'm worried that I'll finish last (like I did in my 8K) and be totally embarassed.