Our Doggies

Our Doggies
Louis in the back and Ella in the front

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ten "Wonky" things you didn't know about me...

10. I have a "wonky" smile. My bottom lip smiles diagonally, so the right side is lower than the left.

9. I have a "wonky" ability to hear everything! I am blessed to have really good hearing, especially since my husband is almost deaf. However, hearing every little sound can really drive one crazy. And because of this, little noises make me go berserk (spelling?). Continual noises are hardest to tolerate - tapping feet, clicking pens, snapping gum...

8. I have a "wonky" obsession with time. I can't stand being late to anything! I also can't stand when I have plans with someone and they're late. I've learned, however, that I am one of the few people who are obsessed with time...so I have to deal with it and get over it. It absolutely kills me if I am 10 seconds late to anything. I think I blame my mom for this, because she's the exact opposite. She's on "DM" time ;) Love ya, mom!

7. I am "wonky" about receipts. I save every single one, temporarily. It goes immediately into my wallet. When I get home, I immediately have to balance my checkbook to the penny. Then, the receipt either gets shredded or filed. I get really anxious if a receipt is in my wallet for more than two days. It makes me feel behind. Leah has tried to convince me that I am too anal about receipts, but I can't help myself.

6. I am a "wonky" lover of eating out. I do enjoy a good home-cooked meal and am blessed with an amazing chef-of-a-husband. However, I live for eating out!!! But... I have to put my several favorite restaurants on a rotations. I can't eat at the same restaurant twice out of rotation. And... I eat the exact same thing at every restaurant. When I find something good, I stick to it or I am sure to be disappointed.

5. I have a "wonky" way of talking myself out of things I don't want to do. For instance, I packed a bag to go to the gym today because I have a race on Saturday. I fully intended on going until a thought popped in my head: "I have to get to Wal-Mart to buy dog food...I'll go running when I get home...Now that I'm home, I have an aweful lot of papers to grade...Papers to grade? Hm, nah, let's write a new blog." I think it might be referred to as adult ADD.

4. I hear "wonky" sounds in my head. No, not voices, sounds. I guess this kind of relates to #9. When we lived in our last apartment, I thought our upstairs neighbor was on an elliptical machine because I constantly heard this "whoosh, whoosh" sound in my ear. Nobody else could hear it, which once again means I have a "wonky" sense of sound. Then, we moved to the townhouse. No upstairs neighbor on elliptical. However, I still hear that sound when I'm on the couch. Maybe it's my neighbor, Neil with an I on his elliptical. Seriously, I hear things nobody else hears.

3. I have a "wonky" appetite. See bucket list. I am a vegetarian who doesn't eat vegetables. I could, however, survive on cheese, bread, and tomatoes alone. Most of the foods I eat inclue those three items (grilled cheese, quesadillas, tomato sandwich, etc.)

2. I am "wonky" about talking on the telephone. Pretty much, I don't like it. I'd much rather talk to someone in person, or through email. It's strange, I know.

1. I am really "wonky" about public speaking. Even in small groups. My chest turns red and splotchy, my voice (and body) shakes. I can't figure out why. I am getting better, thanks to the practice in grad school. However, I still get really freaked out. Hopefully when I am a principal, this will go away.

Just FYI, "wonky" means "weird"...it's just more fun to say.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"A Huntersville Scandal"

My husband and I woke up this morning and felt a hinkerin' for "Toast". It's a little restaurant in downtown Huntersville that we fell in love with a few years ago. It is set in an old house, real small, so there's always a wait. The food is great, and the staff is very quick and friendly.

We drove the 15 minutes to Toast only to find out it was no longer there. My stomach dropped as if I'd found out a good friend moved away. We knew there was another location, Davidson, which was another 15 minutes away. We could've gone to IHOP of some other terrible eatery, but were so excited for Toast that we made the extra drive. Fingers were crossed, hoping the Davidson location was still open.

Thankfully, it was thriving. There were couples eating at the outside tables, and there was a little wait to get in the door. Upon being seated, Pat called the owner over to the table to inquire about the Huntersville location.

Here's a summary of his story:

When they went to renew their lease, the landlord declined them. In fact, he asked them to leave a month early and he would forego their last 2 months rent. He also asked them to leave all their equipment for the next leasee (spelling?). The owner felt something was "up"...a hugely successful restaurant being kicked out early, and the landlord wanting their equipment? Eventually they found out that the General Manager of the Huntersville location was the Godson of the landlord. This GM, Jay, who we have always really liked, had conspired with his Godfather and 5 of the employees to open a restaurant in this location called "Taste of Huntersville"...WITH TOAST'S EXACT SAME MENU!!!! We're not real sure how the owner found this out. But, he obviously did not leave his equipment at the location, and let Jay know about copyright infringement. Really, Jay? How stupid can you be?

So the owner is building a new location across from the new Discovery Place in Huntersville. They haven't broken ground on it yet, but it should be ready to open by December of 2010.

The moral of the story is, if a restaurant named "Taste of Huntersville" every opens anywhere, don't support it.

Wait for Toast to open because it is amazing.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dogs vs. Kids

If you read my FB posts at all, you know we have been going through the wringer with these precious dogs. Ella has eaten through my canvas App bag, one of Pat's dress shirts, a few newspapers and magazines, a sock, a bra, and of course their $150 canvas crate. The crate was replaced by a metal one, which resembles a prison. We are very thankful for the crate, because the dogs have been 95% accident free over the last month or two. Louis hasn't really done anything wrong per se, other than biting. He doesn't do it visciously. He jumps up and before he knows it, he has bitten your lip or nose. He's broken my lip open once, and bit Pat's nose a handful of times. Other than being annoying on a daily basis and rolling on top of snakes, he's precious.

Until a few nights ago.

A half hour after Pat and I retired to bed, we heard really loud barking. We both rushed downstairs, thinking someone was breaking into the house. Nope! It's just Louis. And Ella. We weren't sure what was wrong. This continued for about 45 minutes (this being us going upstairs, and then running back downstairs when the barking started again). Finally I told Pat to stay in bed since he had to work in the morning and I was on spring break. I put a pillow by the crate and sat with them for a little while. They were calm...but Louis was still whiny. I reached in to pet him and he instantly calmed down. If I moved my hand off him, the barking began again. So, I laid down on the floor beside the crate, with my hand on Louis' head. Until 1:30. Finally, he was snoring, so I escaped upstairs.

Then it happened again on night 2.

Why would this all the sudden start happening NOW when they've been fine in the crate for 3 months? I am thinking either it's a fully moon, they sensed a storm coming, or they've been spoiled with me being home so much this week.


So, this has made me strongly consider not having kids. Having to get up at midnight and sit with dogs for 1.5 hours was not fun. How could I do that with kids EVERY night? I don't think I'm strong enough. I LOVE TO SLEEP. I'm too selfish.