Our Doggies

Our Doggies
Louis in the back and Ella in the front

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dogs vs. Kids

If you read my FB posts at all, you know we have been going through the wringer with these precious dogs. Ella has eaten through my canvas App bag, one of Pat's dress shirts, a few newspapers and magazines, a sock, a bra, and of course their $150 canvas crate. The crate was replaced by a metal one, which resembles a prison. We are very thankful for the crate, because the dogs have been 95% accident free over the last month or two. Louis hasn't really done anything wrong per se, other than biting. He doesn't do it visciously. He jumps up and before he knows it, he has bitten your lip or nose. He's broken my lip open once, and bit Pat's nose a handful of times. Other than being annoying on a daily basis and rolling on top of snakes, he's precious.

Until a few nights ago.

A half hour after Pat and I retired to bed, we heard really loud barking. We both rushed downstairs, thinking someone was breaking into the house. Nope! It's just Louis. And Ella. We weren't sure what was wrong. This continued for about 45 minutes (this being us going upstairs, and then running back downstairs when the barking started again). Finally I told Pat to stay in bed since he had to work in the morning and I was on spring break. I put a pillow by the crate and sat with them for a little while. They were calm...but Louis was still whiny. I reached in to pet him and he instantly calmed down. If I moved my hand off him, the barking began again. So, I laid down on the floor beside the crate, with my hand on Louis' head. Until 1:30. Finally, he was snoring, so I escaped upstairs.

Then it happened again on night 2.

Why would this all the sudden start happening NOW when they've been fine in the crate for 3 months? I am thinking either it's a fully moon, they sensed a storm coming, or they've been spoiled with me being home so much this week.


So, this has made me strongly consider not having kids. Having to get up at midnight and sit with dogs for 1.5 hours was not fun. How could I do that with kids EVERY night? I don't think I'm strong enough. I LOVE TO SLEEP. I'm too selfish.

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  1. I think the problem is that they are dogs. you won't mind doing it for your kids. I'm biased because i really really hate dogs, but I certainly never minded doing anything like that for the kids.